Child Custody

When involved in a Child Custody case you must be equipped with evidence to win your case. The courts are backlogged with cases involving Child Custody maters where the parties are making all types of accusations against each other, often times with no evidence to support their claims. What often happens in these situation is that the court dismisses all claims and contends that both parties are either lying or seriously exaggerating their cases.

In determining Child Custody cases, the court is responsible for determining which parent is better fit to be the primary custodial parent of the children. This is where The Dillon Agency, Child Custody Private Investigator comes in. Our Private Investigators have the experience and the proven professional track record to win Child Custody cases.

When choosing a Private Investigator for your Child Custody case you want to make sure they not only know how to properly conduct an investigation, you want to make sure they know how to obtain the evidence in a matter that it is admissible in court. There is no worse situation then having the evidence and it not being admissible because your investigator obtained it illegally.

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