Background Checks

A background check is a priceless tool for every investigation. It’s a window into your subject’s history. Be it Child Custody, Civil Lawsuit, Criminal Defense, Witnesses for your side or for the opposing party, or on a boyfriend or girlfriend, their important.

A background Check ranges from something as simple as someone’s criminal and civil history all the way to a comprehensive background check including bankruptcy, driving records, credit history, address history, relationship history, marital history, employment history, reputation and credibility checks, and interviewing people who know the subject.

Being well informed of your adversary and their witnesses is a foundational part of any legal issue. Contact us to discuss conducting a Background Check. The Dillon Agency, Background Check Private Investigator.

  • Civil Background
  • Criminal Back ground Checks
  • Marital History Checks
  • Employment History Checks
  • Individual Background Checks
  • Credit History Checks
  • Driving Record Checks

The Dillon Agency, Background Check Private Investigator, can provide you with detailed background check on individuals, groups, witnesses, or business to give you the leading edge you need to win your case and make the correct decisions.

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